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I often need to replace various pieces of equipment, such as boots and clothing, which wear out after only a few months on the road. Also, as of March 2008, I desperately need a new backpack. Unfortunately, the backpack I need costs $400 to $500, which means I can't get one without the assistance of people like you. So I hope you'll consider helping me get some of the things I need.

If you would like to contribute to my essential outdoor equipment fund, I certainly appreciate REI gift cards of any value. The great thing about these gift cards is that you can send them via e-mail. To send one, just visit REI's gift card page. In the "Recipient's e-mail" space, enter the following e-mail address:


Videotapes are another important Aimless road item, but I don't always have enough money to buy them when I need them. (Sometimes I have to eat instead.) I also welcome gift cards for electronics stores (like Best Buy), but I don't know if they offer e-mail "delivery" like REI does. If you can somehow figure out how to help me get videotapes, I'd certainly appreciate that, too.

If you'd like to help but you don't know what I may need most, you can call me at 614-738-3867. I always enjoy talking to new people when I'm alone on the road.

If there is a chance you might be interested in sponsoring Aimless (or collaborating in some way), contact me to let me know what's on your mind. If you are serious, I'm sure we can work something out. The following is an outline describing what I seek from sponsors and what I offer in return for sponsorship.

What I seek from sponsors
Ideally I would like to find a sponsor willing to provide adequate funding to purchase the items necessary for the production phase of Aimless. (The major items are listed below.) My main objective, however, is simply to acquire the things I need. It really doesn't matter how I get it, as long as I get it. It may be through grant money, money donations, sponsorship money, equipment loans, equipment donations, or some other avenue I haven't even considered. Keep in mind: I don't have to follow any kind of corporate guidelines or anything because this is a one-man operation. So don't hesitate to make an unconventional offer or inquiry. I will listen.

Here is a list of the major items I could use:
  • A better digital camcorder;
  • Videotapes;
  • Camcorder accessories (microphones, tripod, etc.);
  • Laptop computer;
  • A part-time camera crew!

What I offer in return for sponsorship
At the very least, your sponsorship (or assistance) will earn you or your company some postive publicity through exposure on this web site. For example, Glenn Shope and Net Acceleration have been kind enough to provide Aimless's web hosting for free. So in an effort to thank them (and generate new business for them), I place their logo on every Aimless page, along with a short endorsement and a link to their site.

Has it paid off for them yet?

I don't know. In fact, I don't think Glenn was even concerned about whether or not it would pay off. Rather, he agreed to host the site for free because he recognized the passion I have for this project. And in recognizing my passion, he wanted to participate, in some way, to help me accomplish my goals.

Here's what I do know: Glenn Shope will be in Aimless, as a representative of Net Acceleration. It will be a short segment, maybe 30 seconds or a minute long. During that segment, I will thank Glenn and Net Acceleration for helping me get Aimless off the ground when hundreds of other web hosts blew me off. It will be an advertisement disguised as just another segment of the film. If I end up making some money with Aimless, I will compensate Glenn monetarily, as a way of thanking him for his unselfish assistance. (Let me not forget to mention that both his name and his company's name will appear in the Aimless credits.)

That could be you, too, but only if you take the same unselfish chance Glenn took.

I cannot guarantee that you will see a return on your investment, just as I cannot guarantee that I will ever earn a dime from Aimless. But if I make money, you will make money. Even if I don't make any money, you still might make money.

I have already put thousands of hours into Aimless, designing graphics and web pages, writing blog entries and the site's content. I have also deprived myself of food and sleep while tramping the United States of America. I have already made a huge investment--a life investment--in Aimless, partly because I know it will eventually pay off for me. I'm not out to make money; I'm out to create something great. And when you make something great, it's worth a lot to someone.

So think about how your sponsorship of Aimless could end up earning you a ridiculous return, eh. I'll be here, waiting for you to contact me.
Aimless needs your help!
If you like what you've seen here, I humbly request that you send an e-mail to a friend, inviting him or her to Aimless. That's all I ask of you. You may not believe such a small favor can make much of a difference, but I know your cooperation could spark an intense snowball effect. I sincerely appreciate your assistance. Thank you.

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If you are looking for a web host, I highly recommend Net Acceleration. Without their assistance, Aimless would still be going nowhere. Thanks Net Acceleration!

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