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About Aimless
[Written in June 2006, long before I ever hit the road...]

In late May 2006 I decided to undertake an epic adventure in filmmaking. Inspired partly by road movies such as Easy Rider and Rain Man, as well as the works of Morgan Spurlock and Barbara Ehrenreich, I plan to hit the road and document the interesting people and places I encounter throughout the United States of America. But unlike the movies that helped inspire me, I intend to highlight real people and places, both on and off the beaten path, without using Hollywood tricks to make things appear different than they really are. Just unadulterated America as seen through my eyes and the camera’s lens.

How Is Aimless Different From Other Travel films?
First of all, I will be leaving everything behind. Everything! I'll have no car, one hundred dollars in my pocket, and only the bare necessities for survival. Beginning my journey alone on foot in rural Ohio with the camera rolling and automobiles passing me by, I cannot solicit passing motorists for a ride; I can only accept rides from drivers who voluntarily stop to ask me if I need a ride. And once I find a temporary travel partner, I’ll be going wherever they’re going. I’ll have no choice once I’ve accepted the ride.

After I get out on the road, I will have to figure out how to convince people to share their food with me and welcome me into their homes. I will have to find new and interesting ways to earn a little cash here and there because I will not have access to a bank account. Some nights I’ll be forced to sleep outside and some nights I will get no sleep at all. Some days I will eat like a king, while other days I will be shit-outta-luck starved. I may find myself alone in the middle of the desert one week, only to be immersed among the giants of New York City the next. This whole project is driven by uncertainty, as uncertainty is dramatic.

Aimless will not only document the people and places I see; it will also document my ordeal, making the film infinitely more compelling than if I had simply left home in my car, driving wherever I wanted to go with an adequate budget supporting me. It will document the human spirit, showing us all that it is possible for an individual to go somewhere in life by utilizing creativity, unconventional wisdom, and a primitive kind of innovation. It will be humorous, yet it will be extremely educational, especially for future generations. Ultimately it will be both enriching and marketable, and it will make an impact on the American people.


A Unique Approach To Funding Aimless
Before I can begin my aimless journey, I must convince some generous and insightful folks to donate equipment, lend equipment, provide funding for equipment, or provide opportunities for me to raise funds. Not because I don’t want to buy the equipment myself but because one of the main premises of this project is that I am starting from scratch, with nothing. Part of my quest involves learning to communicate better, and this premise forces me to either communicate well or otherwise face failure. This premise dictates that I cannot take my 2005 Honda Accord with me, nor can I go out and buy my own equipment, because doing so would damage the foundation of the film, making it less real and less appealing.

To illustrate why I need to do things this way, I'll pose a question: Which film would you rather see?
  1. A scripted Hollywood feature about some guy who goes out and makes something out of nothing by being a resourceful bum, or
  2. A documentary in which the filmmaker actually begins with nothing and ends up creating a fabulous work of art that reveals a nation’s heart and soul.


What I Need Before I Can Begin This Journey
The main items I need are:
  1. A decent quality digital camcorder;
  2. A supply of at least 100 hours’ worth of videotape;
  3. Video accessories such as microphones;
  4. A laptop computer to allow for blogging, updating the web site, storing release information, etc., while I'm on the road;
  5. Army boots and an Army bag.
Aside from the equipment listed above, I need very little additional assistance. Due to the unique nature of this project, there will be absolutely no transportation expenses or lodging expenses. No catering, cast, or crew expenses. No prop expenses or location expenses. Nothing!

My estimate is that the total start-up cost will be $3,000.


Why You Should Help
If you supply any or all of the major equipment for Aimless, I most definitely will feature you and your organization in the film, in a segment that will function as both an advertisement and an endorsement for your products or services. I also will mention you whenever I may be interviewed about the film. Additionally, I will place your logo in very visible areas of this web site, thanking you for your support and linking to all applicable web sites.

In other words, the donation of equipment will equate to a priceless public relations campaign with a small price tag, making the potential for reward exponentially greater than the risk of realizing no return.

Find out more good reasons to Sponsor Aimless.

If you would like to help in ways other than by providing major equipment, there are certainly ways you can help. And it may not require any kind of donation. One easy (but huge) way you can help is by directing your friends and family to this web site. Another way is by linking to Aimless from your web site. Even if you don't realize it yet, you may know someone who has been dying for the opportunity to be a part of something like Aimless.

If there is some other way you might be able to help, just contact me. Maybe we can be creative and figure something out.


A Final Note
Aimless is a travel documentary. Aimless is a human behavior documentary. Aimless is a study in economics. Aimless is an exposé of American life in the early 21st century. In time Aimless will be a historical documentary.

Aimless is a story that has not been written yet. Aimless aims to be a success story. But most of all, Aimless is an epic adventure.

My adventure began the moment I started thinking about Aimless, and I would really like for the adventure to continue to the end. I appreciate every tiny gesture of kindness that may come my way, just as I appreciate the bigger gestures. I want to thank you for reading this page, and I hope you’ve taken an interest in my vision.
Aimless needs your help!
If you like what you've seen here, I humbly request that you send an e-mail to a friend, inviting him or her to Aimless. That's all I ask of you. You may not believe such a small favor can make much of a difference, but I know your cooperation could spark an intense snowball effect. I sincerely appreciate your assistance. Thank you.

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